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Written by Kwame Anane
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The one programming language that never seems to get old is JavaScript. Though HTML and CSS are the top names when you think of the front-end side of the website, you need to use JavaScript to make the web pages interactive. No matter what framework you use, React, Angular, or Vue, the code that your write is mostly in JavaScript. A strong understanding of JavaScript is crucial if you are seeking a successful career as a software developer.


It comes as no surprise that JavaScript is the most popular language used in client-side development, and the skill commands an average annual salary of $86K. Most of the software companies like Oracle, IBM, Accenture, Google, Infosys, Amazon, and HP hire web developers who are proficient in using JavaScript. As the coding world continues to cross boundaries, many online training providers have come up to teach learners about JavaScript. Moreover, some of them even offer free JavaScript courses along with the option to work on industry projects, connect with other developers on forums, use virtual labs, and become job-ready.


If you, too are an aspiring software developer and want to learn the basics of JavaScript for free, then this article is for you. We have listed down some of the most relevant free courses on JavaScript that you can check out and kickstart your learning. Some of them even have upgrade options to help learners get exclusive benefits after completing the course.


Let’s dive in!


JavaScript for Beginners

Training Provider – SkillUp by Simplilearn


This is a popular free course on JavaScript that covers all the concepts from basics to the advanced level. You will know about the different kinds of applications built using JavaScript and learn how to create simple programs and web applications. This program includes 5 hours of comprehensive video modules that you can access for 90 days post signing up. The top topics covered in this introductory course are arrays, functions, Regex, objects, promise, and closure.


The course is ideal for professionals embarking on a career as UI developers, web developers, full-stack developers, and software developers. Though there are no prerequisites for the course, it is better to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, or any programming language.


Interactivity with JavaScript

Training Provider – the University of Michigan on Coursera


Taking a website to the next level requires interactivity, and JavaScript serves the purpose best. This course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of JavaScript like variables, loops, methods, debugging tools, and more. You will learn how the Document Object Model (DOM) is used by JavaScript to find and modify specific parts of the web page. Requiring almost 9 study hours, this course ends in a final project where you will be asked to create an interactive HTML5 form that accepts and verifies input.


This JavaScript basics course is a part of the Web Design for Everybody specialization. If you like the course content and wish to learn more, you can upgrade your plan and continue learning the rest of the courses covered in the specialization.


Learn JavaScript

Training Provider – Codecademy


Join the group of over 1686K learners who have taken this Codecademy course to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript. Through this 30 hours program, you will gain expertise in programming fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax. You can lay the foundation for using this language in any environment through the course. The lessons are based on topics like conditionals, functions, scope, arrays, iterators, objects, classes, modules, async-await, and browser compatibility and transpilation.


Moreover, you can check your knowledge and commit syntax to memory by solving quizzes related to conditional statements and functions. You can also upgrade your plan and learn how to apply JavaScript to build games, interactive websites, and web applications with React.


Basic JavaScript

Training Provider – Free Code Camp


Free Code Camp goes beyond just providing free courses; it allows learners to become part of a thriving community, access live chat and constantly updated research. The Basic JavaScript course gives you a complete overview of the fundamental programming concepts of the language. Starting with basic data structures like numbers and strings, learners move on to learn how to work with objects, loops, arrays, functions, if/else statements, and more.


The course is a part of the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures learning path. Once you complete the basics course, you can also go ahead with the next courses like ES6, regular Expressions, Debugging, Basic Data Structures, basic Algorithm Scripting, Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, and so on.


JavaScript (Course Track)

Training provider – EggHead


EggHead will be your go-to option if you already know the introductory concepts of JavaScript. The training provider offers bite-size video tutorials to keep the learners engaged throughout the course. The JavaScript course track is divided into three levels:

Beginner Level – consists of three courses:

  • Learn ES6
  • Understand JavaScript Arrays
  • Advanced JavaScript Foundations


Intermediate Level

  • Javascript Promise in depth
  • Understand JavaScript’s this Keyword in depth
  • Reduce Data with JavaScript Array#reduce


Advanced Level

  • Write simple asynchronous code with JavaScript generators
  • Asynchronous JavaScript with async/await
  • Understanding JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance

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