Sports Betting Basics: Totals Over / Under and It Types

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Sports Betting Basics: Totals Over / Under and It Types

One of the most prevalent kinds of sports bets is total. The total is a bet on a certain number of productive actions in sports. It can be goals, points, sets, and other secondary actions that can be counted (fouls, corners, kicks).

In this article, we will help you understand all the subtleties and nuances of betting on the total in the example of bookmaker Melbet Nigeria. You will learn the types of totals and can easily apply this knowledge when choosing the appropriate events. So, let’s start studying this issue.

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What Types of Totals Exist 

There are several types of totals. The main ones include: classic, Asian and individual. All of them are presented at the bookmaker Melbet Nigeria.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Classic Total

The classic total is one of the most popular in this betting category. Its standard variation is the halved total. Such totals you can see in the screenshot below.

Classic Total

Let’s say you bet on a soccer match Total Over (3.5). In this situation, winning requires both teams to have scored four goals or more during the match.If the game ended with one, two, or three goals scored or the teams did not score, then the bet will be lost.

Another example. We made a bet Total Under (2.5). In this bet, the win will be achievedif neither team’s total of goals exceeds three — zero, one, and two. The bet is considered lost if this sum equals three goals or exceeds this value.

To explain this more clearly, we will consider the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which ended with a score of 1:2. The sum of goals scored in this match equals three. If we bet on TO (0.5) – the bet would win. The same would be true if we bet on TO (1.5) and TB (2.5). If we bet on Total Under – bets with the outcome, TU (3.5), TU (4.5), and so on would be considered winning. In this case, if we bet on TU (2.5), TM (1.5) and TU (0.5) – the bet would be lost.


Asian Total

This variant combines two extreme values of the classic total. For example, Total Over (1.75) includes (1.5) and (2). Or Total Under (3.25) includes (3) and (3.5). You can see how it looks like in the screenshot below

.Asian Total

This type of bet is divided into two bets. The amount of the bet itself is also split between the sexes. Let’s look at an illustrative example again.
The meeting between Manchester City and Chelsea ended with the score 0:4. There were 4 goals scored. We bet on Total Over (3.75). Our bet is split into TO (3.5) and TO (4). In this case we will get a win with TO (3.5) and a return with TO (4). If we bet TO (3.25) – both parts of the bet would be won. A bet TO (4.25) would bring us only a return on TO (4) and a loss on TO (4.5).
This type of total is gaining wide popularity because, with its help, players can be more variable in the outcome of the bet.

Individual total

In this case,In basketball, the player does not place a bet on the total number of points or goals scored during the game. Here, a bet is placed here on a specific amount of productive actions of one of the event participants.

Individual Total

For example, let’s take the match Brest – PSG. The score in this match is 2:3. We made a bet for the individual Total of 2 more (1.5). In this bet, we bet that the visiting team (PSG) will score 2 or more goals. As a result, we have a win in the bet. Let’s consider the bet individual Total Under 1 (1). Here we bet on Brest (Brest). In this case, the bet was lost.

If we are talking about solo sports, then the productive actions of a particular athlete are already taken into account.

Other Types of Totals

The bets in this category are very risky because the parameters of such bets are challenging to predict. But the odds in such bets are always very high. Therefore, some daredevils analyze sporting events and bet on these parameters.

The most popular totals in this category:

  • Betting on statistical indicators. Goals are not taken into account here. The number of cards, corners, fouls, rebounds, interceptions, and many other things are considered.
  • Total on goals in one half. The quantity of goals a team has scored in the first or second half.
  • Exact total. It is necessary to estimate the precise quantity of goals in the match.

Total by time period. In which of the time periods to expect a goal? For example, from 1 to 15 minutes or from 30 to 45 minutes

Total Betting on Melbet Nigeria

Total Betting On Melbet Nigeria

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In order to bet on the total, you must adhere to a few easy steps:

● First, you must register or log in to your account at
● Then, you need to select an event. You can choose from the proposed ones on the site’s main page or use the search.
● You will get to the event page, where you will be presented with a wide line of bets. You have to scroll the page to bets on the total.
● Choose your favorite outcome and make your bet after waiting for the result of the event.


Betting on the total is most profitable to conclude on the distance when a small part of the season has already passed. There are many tournaments and top matches. It is possible to analyze how a team or an athlete plays based on already compiled statistics and results. You can emphasize certain moments to make more accurate predictions on the total.

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