Why Don Little asked Ghanaians to beg Funny Face on his behalf

Don Little Cries
Written by Kwame Anane
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Don Little Cries

Diminutive actor, Don Little, has revealed the strained relationship between him and comedian, Funny Face is a source of worry to him.

The two have almost severed ties over a misunderstanding best known to them, however, a video of Don Little pleading for forgiveness has gone viral on social media.

Don Little in the video posted on Facebook, pleaded for forgiveness from funny face over an unknown act.

But, in an interview with Zylofon FM, the diminutive actor explained the tension between him and his boss, Funny Face is because of FOOD.

According to Don Little, he accompanied Funny Face to a program and they returned very late but he did not bother to ask him if he had eaten.

“So, he asked me a question and I didn’t mind him. The following day, he told me to leave his house. Since then he never called me” he added.

He debunked rumours that Funny Face was benefiting from his craft and never paid him.

“The person who heard the story didn’t go and explain it well and the person who was listening to the story didn’t listen well so everything they are saying is not true…” he told Zylofon FM.

“Funny Face was the one who brought me to stardom and now if we are talking about stardom me Don little I’m part of it so I wouldn’t do that to him…” he said.

Reacting to a song he released to jab Funny Face, Don little said the song was directed at individuals who claimed to be rich yet refuse to help those in need.

“The song I did was to advise people who are rich. I advised them to help the youth and stop making noise with their wealth. I sent the song to my boss (Funny Face) so he would help shoot the video. I can never do a diss song to my boss” he added.

Don Little said due to the arguement, movie directors close to Funny Face no longer give him any roles in their productions which has led to a huge financial blow.

He revealed Funny Face saw the good in him at a point when none was really paying attention to him.

“I’m pleading with anyone close to my boss Funny Face to beg him and ask that I love him so much. He remains my boss. He’s fed and clothed me before. I’d been selling by the roadside when he saw. I’d starred in several movies but never made it to the limelight. He brought me to the limelight after featuring me in short videos. I’m asking that he forgives me and let go whatever has transpired,” he said.

However, after the video went viral, Funny Face reacted to the apology from his one-time friend Don little. In a post shared via his official Twitter page, Funny face disclosed that he had already forgiven Don Little long time and went on to reveal that he even tried getting people to try to talk to Don Little but all proved futile.

“#CHILDRENPRESIDENT @funnyfacegh…I have forgiving bro ( Don little ) .. Keep shinning and never give up .. God gotch you…ChildrenPresident”

Don Little came into the limelight after Funny Face Face consistently featured him in short videos on his Instagram page.

He was made a regular feature on popular TV series Cow And Chicken until recently when very little was heard about the two.

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