Best Way to Decorate with Music Wall Stickers

Music Wall
Written by Kwame Anane
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Music Wall

Musical wall coverings, whether cloth tapestries or stick-on decals, provide individuality and texture to any room.

While decorating the walls with music-themed wall covers, the first place to look for inspiration is your MP3. Concentrating on your preferred musical genre allows you to produce eye-catching wall art and decorations. Below are some of the best ways to make tell a story with music-wall coverings.


Murals and logos can help you shape your art

Larger murals and border elements make a big statement. Obtain a solid wall decal displaying the profile or stage attitude of a well-known artist, such as Bob Marley, to create a silhouette of him. Make the decal the focal point of your space. Make it the backdrop for a recording studio or the focal point of a space with simply a few chairs.

If you’re looking for something more generic, acquire some musical wall stickers depicting jazz or rock bands and their instruments. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider doing a half-wall mural instead. Decorate it with plaques or bumper stickers with music themes. You may adorn hard-to-reach spaces above doors and windows with patterns made from musical accents, such as stenciling legendary band logos around a doorway.


Notable Stickers

Music-themed decals are available in several formats to provide a focal point and are also easy to remove. Look for decals designed like strung to percussive musical instruments, such as basses and guitars, clarinets and saxophones, or drums and bongos. Over yellow or light-blue walls, a flowing line of black music notes — or instrument decals — mimics melody and stands out. Form horizontal lines of a scale dotted with notes and a huge treble clef for wall decorating as well. Make a more personal statement by using word art to spell out the chorus of your favorite song. Arrange the sentence on one of the walls’ mid-to-upper sections. When exhibiting decals, keep in consideration the location of furniture and accessories to avoid overshadowing them.


Creative finishing touches

It is not necessary for a wall covering to be flat. Real musical instruments, such as drumsticks, can be mounted next to a favorite band poster to add dimension. Bring in some accessories to complement the artwork. Form a zigzag along the shelf border or glue a line of colorful guitar picks to the corners of a frame. Use patterned guitar straps dangling from hooks or band t-shirts hung from wire hangers along with a mounted coat rack for a vertical look. With a dimensional display, you can take your style to the next level. An open guitar box with crushed velvet lining adorns a shelf but surrounds it with photos of renowned blues greats to continue the idea. Create a unified look by grouping things that are similar in shape on the same wall. In plate hangers, display black and colorful vinyl records.



Displaying music memorabilia as wall art in tiny areas creates rich scenes in your apartments for rent in Orange, CA. Create unique wall coverings using beautiful stickers based on the color of things and musical styles ranging from punk to sophisticate classical.

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