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Lady Rock Star 1024X682 1Many people think rock musicians or rock stars are well known from childhood, and at a young age, they become stars. But, it’s not true; they also go to schools and colleges to get an education before they begin their journey to stardom. And, it does not always happen that you can only be successful in that one in which you got your specialty from the school. The best example of this is those musicians who become so famous, after getting a high degree, that is the dream of so many young people nowadays. So, today, we will reveal some highly educated rock musicians who made their mark in the music industry after working so hard in the study.

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10 Highly Educated Rock Musicians 2021

1- Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo was born on June 13, 1970, and now is a famous musician, songwriter, producer, and singer. He got the degree of BA in English in 2008 from the Harvard University of Cambridge. However, after his first debut album of Weezer, he quit his study and played a lady role in the Weezer band.

2- Sterling Morrison

An epic star in the musician’s name Sterling Morrison was born at East Meadow in August 1942. He is also well known as one of those leading persons who raised The Velvet Underground band. In 1986, he was awarded a great degree of Ph.D. in medieval literature. He did this at the University of Texas. His last performance with his band was on August 21, 1971.

3- Greg Graffin

He earned a Ph.D. degree in zoology from Cornell University. He does exciting things in his life at the same time. This means he was a UCLA professor and a vocalist for one of the most famous bands Bad Religion. He also got the Rushdie award for his work in cultural humanism.

4- Milo Auckerman

It’s never so easy to balance between passion and profession at the same time in life. But, Milo Auckerman did this very nicely and got a Ph.D. in biochemistry with outstanding achievements from the University of Southern California. In addition, he was deeply in love with both genetics and punk rock.

5- Tom Morello

Tom Morello, also known as nightwatchman, was born on May 30, 1964, in New York. He is an actor, political activist, singer, musician, and writer. He also graduated with a BA in political science during his studies. Also, he has played the central role of guitarist for the Rage Against the Machine band.

6- Bruce Dickinson

If you are a lover of music, then you must have heard the name of the Iron Maiden band. Bruce Dickinson is a leading singer of this famous band. He is well known for his services in different fields. Besides being a singer is also an aviation pilot, entrepreneur, and consultant in business development. He got so much love from his fans due to his epic presence on the stage and performance.

7- Tarja Turunen

Tarja was born on August 17, 1977, a great songwriter, singer, and musician. But maybe you would not believe that she started singing when she was only three years old. Later, she began taking vocal lesson classes after joining the church choir. She is the former lead vocalist of the famous band Nightwish. The name of her first piano teacher was Kirsti-Nortia, who was a great admirer of Tarja due to her love for music.

8- Dexter Holland

It’s really strange to know about Holland that he was a topper of his class during his studies in math. But he earned a BS in biology, and later, he was awarded a doctorate. However, instead of this one, he was honored as a participant of a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. But, now, he is a famous American singer, musician, and songwriter. Moreover, he is the primary songwriter for the rock band Offspring.

9- Anthony John Martin

Most famous as the co-founder of the band Coldplay, Christopher Anthony was born on March 2, 1977. He is a musician, singer, and producer, but as we go in his studies, you will see he mastered a degree in two powerful languages: Greek and second one is Latin.

10- Brian Harold May

Brian Harold May is a leading guitarist for the most famous band of all time, Queen. He earned a Ph.D. in infrared astronomical research before starting the music journey. And the main reason was the success of the Queen band, which stopped his scientific career.


Here, you see that a man does not have any restriction to go in that specific field, in which he got a degree or study hard. There are just a few ones when you start exploring history; you will find numerous singers, musicians, actors, etc., who were so good in studies. But they left it for their passion.

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