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Wisa Greid – See Nyash

Wisa Greid – See Nyash
Written by Kwame Anane
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Wisa Greid – See Nyash

Wisa Greid – See Nyash

Ghanaian musician Wisa Greid recently released a new song titled “See Nyash,” which has been generating buzz in the music industry and among fans. The song features a fusion of Afrobeat and dancehall rhythms, which is characteristic of Wisa Greid’s unique sound.

“See Nyash” is a catchy and upbeat song that talks about the female body, specifically the buttocks. The song’s title translates to “See Buttocks” in English, and Wisa Greid uses clever wordplay and innuendos to describe his love for the female form.

The song’s chorus is particularly infectious, with Wisa Greid repeating the phrase “see nyash” over and over, creating a rhythmic and hypnotic effect. The verses are delivered with a smooth and confident flow, showcasing Wisa Greid’s vocal ability and lyrical prowess.

The music video for “See Nyash” is also visually stunning, featuring colorful and vibrant scenes set in a tropical paradise. The video showcases beautiful women dancing and moving to the beat of the song, adding to the song’s sensual and playful vibe.

“See Nyash” has received mixed reactions from listeners, with some praising it for its catchy beat and playful lyrics, while others have criticized it for its objectification of women. Nonetheless, the song has already gained significant airplay and has been added to playlists across various streaming platforms.

In conclusion, “See Nyash” is a fun and lively song that showcases Wisa Greid’s musical versatility and unique style. While some may find the song controversial, it cannot be denied that it has already made a significant impact in the Ghanaian music scene and beyond.


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