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Watch The Bihar Bridge Collapse Video Full Leaked

Watch The Bihar Bridge Collapse
Written by Kwame Anane
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Watch The Bihar Bridge Collapse

Watch The Bihar Bridge Collapse Video Full Leaked

The collapse of a bridge has resulted in a considerable number of fatalities as well as extensive property damage across the state of Bihar. This tragic event has sent shockwaves across the whole region. The event took place on june 6th 2023 and as a result, the community and the authorities in the area are now attempting to deal with its repercussions. The severity of the catastrophe was brought into additional focus with the release of videos that were shot during the incident.

The Colossal Failure:


The commuters and people of the area relied on the bridge, which was a crucial piece of infrastructure connecting Bihar, as their last hope for survival. On that unfortunate day, however, catastrophe struck as the bridge suddenly gave way, sending vehicles and pedestrians tumbling into the river below. Witnesses described the subsequent mayhem and desperation that occurred after the fall, which was a horrifying and devastating scene to witness.

Video Footage:

A terrifying visual account of the occurrence has been provided by videos shot by witnesses at the site and shared on social media and news outlets. These videos have been circulating online. These films show the bridge collapsing under its own weight while screams and pleas for assistance can be heard in the background. The video is a distressing and necessary reminder of the precarious state of our infrastructure and the catastrophic effects that would result from its breakdown.

Damage to Property and Personal Injury:

The collapse of the bridge has resulted in the deaths of a number of people and the injuries of a great many others. The local authorities and emergency services rushed to the area in an effort to save those people who were trapped underneath the debris as soon as rescue efforts were promptly launched. Those who were hurt received prompt emergency care at nearby hospitals after being hastily brought there. As search and rescue efforts continue, it is not yet possible to ascertain the precise number of people that were killed or injured.

The Investigation, as well as the Responsibility:

An inquiry was begun immediately after the fall to look into what led to the mishap and establish its root cause. Authorities and industry professionals are conducting an investigation into a variety of variables, including the structural integrity of the bridge, its maintenance, and its compliance with safety regulations. It is of the utmost importance to determine who is accountable for what happened and to take the necessary precautions to prevent similar terrible situations in the future.

Influence felt throughout the Community:

The collapse of the bridge has had a significant and lasting effect on the communities in the area. The catastrophe has not only resulted in fatalities and injuries, but it has also severely impacted day-to-day living and cut a vital transit link. The impacted residents are currently confronted with obstacles when attempting to gain access to essential services, travel, and resume their typical daily activities. The people who have been impacted by the tragedy are receiving support and assistance through the efforts that are now being made.

Urgent Need for the Development of Infrastructure:

This terrible event should serve as a wake-up call about the importance of making the development and upkeep of infrastructure a top priority. This demonstrates the significance of carrying out routine inspections, putting safety precautions into effect, and making investments in engineering methods that are resilient. The occurrence should motivate authorities to conduct a thorough review of the current infrastructure and make certain that all required precautions are taken to prevent incidents of a similar nature in the future.


The tragedy caused by the collapse of the bridge in Bihar has had a significant and long-lasting effect on the society. It is imperative that the government place a high priority on the creation of safe infrastructure while the inquiry into what caused the disaster is still ongoing and the affected region works toward rehabilitation. The event serves as a somber reminder of the significance of dependable infrastructure that looks out for the health and safety of the general public. It is our common duty to draw lessons from this tragedy and to take urgent action in order to forestall the occurrence of tragedies of a similar nature in the future.

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