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Trying out a new job can be intimidating for anyone. If you have decided to become a voice actor, you probably have a lot of concerns. Though this is a lucrative job, making it in the industry is often challenging. You need to follow voice acting tips for newbies for you to succeed in this field. This guide has some tips that you can start implementing as you start voice acting. Enjoy!


Before you begin looking for voice acting jobs, you should try to understand the industry and find out where you fit in. Since voice acting is dynamic, people engage in numerous fields. You need to assess your voice and think about the things you can do using it. Look at the different niches available such as narration, animation, documentaries, or commercials, and determine which one you should join. Once you have found a suitable niche, start planning on how you can manipulate your voice for specific voice over roles you get in the niche.

Look for local opportunities

If you are struggling to find your first gig, you should focus on local opportunities. Most of the job offers available in this industry are based on location. There could be numerous businesses searching for voice over talent in your locality. This is, therefore, the first place you should look. By engaging in local voice-over businesses, you get a chance to meet different people and create personalized work. You can even start building your network from such opportunities.

Try to identify some potential clients in your town. You can even ask your friends or attend different local networking events. Look for various business centers in your region that you can give presentations on different topics. Such opportunities allow you to find prospects easily. Do not forget to distribute your business card every time you get the chance. You can also look for charity organizations in your area that can recommend you to potential clients. Every time you meet someone looking for voice over talent, try to explain how you can offer them valuable services. If local search doesn’t pan out you can always Check Dormzi for voice acting Jobs.

Nurture your talentVoice 2

Though you may have a great voice, you should develop a signature voice that you can use for your work. You need to work on your voice and ensure that it sounds authentic to make it in this business. Nurturing your voice talent can help you stand out among your competitors. When you start doing voice-over performances, you should avoid faking an accent or deepening your vocal range so much since it can prevent your voice from sounding authentic.

One technique you can use to develop your signature voice is recoding yourself as you perform a script while varying your voice. Take some time to listen to your own recording to figure out how you sound. You can then use this to determine which voice sounds more natural. Having a unique signature voice can help the audience recognize you quickly and expose you to numerous job opportunities.

Get familiar with how to edit sound

Having voice over talent is not the only requirement of succeeding in this business. You have to teach yourself other aspects of the business, including sound editing. Even if you don’t have a coach to help you with this, you can still educate yourself on how to record. Taking a course on post-production work can also help you gain enhanced skills.

You can also learn about the different software that voice actors on this site use in studios. Use your free time to practice different techniques and learn the editing process. During sound editing, you should not be afraid to experiment since this can help you boost your overall performance.

Take care of yourselfVoice 3

As you venture into voice acting, you need to take care of your body and mind. Always carry with you a water bottle in your studio so that you can hydrate. Taking water while doing voice overs can clear your voice and prevent you from discomfort. You should also try to warm up your body and relax the facial muscles before doing voice overs. When not performing, avoid places that need you to talk loudly for long. Such situations can have an adverse impact on your voice.

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