The most popular apps with Africans in 2021

Written by Kwame Anane
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Many people feel naked without their smartphones. The manufacturers of today, like Samsung and Apple, have upped the ante and given a variety of models a selection of notable improvements. On the whole, the popular smartphone devices we purchase on a regular basis can house bigger and better apps than ever before.

People use smartphones for a variety of different reasons, too. Taking pictures with high-quality cameras is a popular choice for many, so too is using a variety of functionalities our modern-day devices come with like an alarm clock or any health and fitness trackers some devices offer. Mobile gaming now represents the biggest portion of the global video games market also, resulting in a selection of popular games coming to the fore in recent years. More gamers are wondering how to play Baccarat than ever before, alongside innovative augmented reality creations like Pokemon Go which present a truly immersive experience for gamers. The sophisticated smartphones we are now exposed to certainly possess more power than old creations.

Smartphone apps are popular, too. Some people use music apps to locate the latest dancehall bangers, while others might download an app to find a partner online. There is certainly a ton of apps out there, although some are more popular than others. With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best apps for Africans in 2021.


22seven: A popular banking, investment, stockbroking, loan, crypto, and rewards account app endorsed by up to 100 providers, 22seven allows users to stay on top of their spending habits and manage their finances more easily. You can arrange spending alerts, categorize any expenses, and a whole lot more. The app is slick and easy to use, too.

SweepSouth: Fancy employing a cleaner but perhaps you can’t find a reliable and trustworthy person to tackle your mess? Then don’t worry, SweepSouth most definitely has you covered. The app has a vibrant community of cleaners keen to get to work and give your house a clean. All you need to do is specify exactly what type of cleaning work you require and the rate you are willing to pay and then, from there, cleaning professionals will sell their services. On top of cleaning help, you can also hire people for heavy lifting or any maintenance jobs.

Moya Messenger:


Similar to WhatsApp, Moya Messenger is a growing name in the text messaging app field. The difference with Moya Messenger compared with other similar messaging apps is that users don’t need data to communicate, opening it up to a larger audience in the process. Communication is a necessity, but data isn’t always accessible to people, especially during financially testing times. Moya Messenger has been praised for providing people with free access, although the app does include ads from time to time.

Mobeewash: A widely used car washing app, Mobeewash gives users the opportunity to get their car cleaned while they’re out and about or relaxing at home. A dedicated cleaning team will arrive to clean any car on your driveway without the need for you to leave the house. All users need to do is select a preferred time and a desired location, and then a cleaning team will do the rest.


Minderz: In need of a pet-sitter? Maybe you’re keen to find a local dog grooming company? If so, then Minderz is most definitely the app for you. Whether you have a dog needing regular walks or a cat that requires time and attention, Minderz is designed to connect pet owners with a variety of useful services. You can share images of your pet, too.

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