Sports Betting Growth in South Africa

Betting On South Africa
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Betting On South Africa

Sports Betting Growth in South Africa

Betting in Africa has always been around and South Africa is no different but in recent years, betting has increased exponentially. Betting companies have reported massive profits as people look at it as an alternative source of income.


In South Africa, technological progress has opened doors to diverse sports, transforming sports betting into a favored pastime. In this article, we will examine the factors behind the surge of sports betting in South Africa as well as the advantages of sports betting.

The legal state of sports betting in South Africa

With its dominance of over 80% in the continent’s gambling industry, South Africa vividly illustrates the extent of betting’s popularity. As the nation’s unemployment rate keeps ascending, a notable segment of its populace is actively scouring for alternative sources of income. In light of this, betting has emerged as a practical choice for numerous individuals grappling with unemployment.


Since online casinos and online gambling, in general, were a gray area, the National Gambling Amendment Act 10 of 2008 was established to create more clarity but it is yet to be implemented. However, sports betting is legal in the country.


Each of the 9 provinces in the country has a gambling licensing authority that is overseen by the National gambling board at large. The provincial licensing authorities are mandated to oversee betting practices in their territories.

Factors Contributing to Sports Betting Growth in South Africa

Several factors have led to the increase of sports punters in the country.

The popularity of sports

Sport is woven into the cultural fabric of South Africans intertwining sports and sports betting. The prominence of popular games like soccer, rugby, and cricket has greatly fueled the surge of sports betting within the country. The sports betting categories have also increased perking the interests of many sports enthusiasts.

Growth of mobile technology

The involvement of technology in sports betting has been stated to be significant. It is noted that the abundance of mobile phones and smart devices in the hands of South Africans has contributed greatly to the growth of betting participation in recent years.


Betting firms have responded by developing user-friendly mobile applications or designing intuitive mobile websites, catering to bettors seeking seamless on-the-go experiences.

Rise of online betting companies

With a growing number of individuals engaging in online betting, a multitude of online sports betting sites South Africa have emerged to fulfill this demand. As a result, South African punters are presented with an extensive array of choices, numbering in the thousands or even more, and have the option to register on multiple platforms.

Variety of sports betting options

South African betters who lack access to data or internet connectivity are not left behind. Numerous betting platforms have incorporated a USSD code feature, allowing customers to deposit funds and place bets. Moreover, certain platforms provide physical betting shops or kiosks, enabling bettors to conveniently place their wagers.

High unemployment rates

Betting has become a possible solution for a growing number of unemployed people in South Africa, where the gambling industry thrives, representing more than 80% of the continent’s total. The popularity of gambling in the nation is undoubtedly remarkable, especially as the rate of unemployment goes up. The unceasing search for additional income streams has pushed many individuals to try their luck at betting.

Advantages of sports betting

There are many reasons why sports betting can be advantageous to those in the betting space.

  • It is a great pastime. Some online sports betting sites also include live streaming options making betting on a live game fun and interesting.
  • It is a source of revenue for South African punters, betting companies, and the national government as well. According to recent statistics, the revenue from South African betting is expected to reach a market volume of $1,009m by 2027. While it may not be a steady form of income, sports betting has been an alternative form of revenue for many.


For certain individuals, the appeal of sports betting lies in the inherent challenge it presents. It extends beyond mere luck and encompasses the skill of making precise predictions. This aspect places one’s understanding of various sports to a rigorous examination.

Responsible gambling

As sports betters increase, there have been concerns that many in the country are becoming addicted to sports betting. This is why betting authorities and betting platforms have installed measures that promote responsible gambling among punters, especially protecting the vulnerable from the negative impacts of a gambling addiction. Such measures include:

  • Establishing help hotlines for individuals or family and friends of betters that feel there is a gambling addiction.
  • Providing self-exclusion options by betting companies that allow betters to self-ban on a platform for 3 to 6 months.
  • Providing warning messages by betting companies to prevent underage betting.


Online sports betting plays a pivotal role in driving the South African gambling market, accounting for the largest share. This trajectory implies a sustained growth for the sports betting industry in the country, thereby generating economic prospects for both investors and bettors.

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