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Pdf To Word Converter
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Pdf To Word Converter

PDF to Word Online Converter Collection

Can I convert my PDF to Word for free? PDF is a document format that is easy to save, circulate, and print, but it does not use editing, so we often use online editors to convert, this article shares PDF to Word for users Converter Online Tools are free.

What is PDF to Word Online Converter?

PDF to Word is one of the most commonly used functions by users. For most users, any PDF to Word Online Converter can be used to convert well. However, some users need to convert more complex PDF files, which makes their The online converters used are required, here are 5 free PDF to Word converters recommended for you on free websites.


PDF 2 GO’s PDF to Word converter supports 12 languages including English, the website is a completely free online editor and converter. The website supports PDF editing, merging, compression, sorting, unlocking protection, etc. It also supports mutual conversion between PDF and Office jpg formats. It supports batch conversion, the conversion speed is fast, and the conversion effect is also very good. It should be noted that it only supports files within 50M.


PDF24 Tools

PDF24 Tools does not support English, and many tools on the website are completely free. It supports editing and unlocking of PDF files, PDF to Word, compression and other related functions. Its conversion effect is only ideal in the case of PDF file specifications. Once the PDF file is a little more complicated, it will be unsatisfactory, but it is not an aggregation website focusing on PDF to Word after all.

PDF24 Tools focuses on file-related editing functions, such as optimized PDF sorting, PDF text recognition, etc., and supports processing of 500M files.


AbcdPDF – Convert PDF to Word

AbcdPDF is a platform dedicated to solving PDF problems for the world. The PDF to Word tool in the tool aggregation page can substantially solve the problems encountered by users when converting PDF to DOC format. When dealing with normal files, it can complete the conversion in a few seconds. If the file is slightly larger, its processing speed will also decrease, but it is also within the range that users can accept. If you want to use Convert PDF to Word , you don’t even need to log in and pay, just visit the page and open the conversion tool.


AbcdPDF supports 25 languages including English. If you want to use Convert PDF to Word , you don’t even need to log in and pay, just visit the page and open the conversion tool.


Step 1: Visit the AbcdPDF.COM platform website.

Step 2: Select the PDF to Word tool.

Step 3: Select the PDF file to be converted.

Step 4: After the conversion is complete, download it locally.


P dfcandy – PDF to Word

P dfcandy is capable of converting PDF to files in more than 20 formats. In addition to that, PDF Candy provides 47 online tools to work with PDFs, including editing, splitting, merging, compressing, and more.

P dfcandy ‘s PDF to Word function is not only fast, but also very effective, and supports setting it as a Google plug-in, which is convenient for users to open in the future. The only fly in the ointment is that although the website generates free use, it can only provide visitors with the opportunity to download once an hour, which is not completely free.

Picture4 – PDF to Word is an English website. There are 11 online tools on the website. The first one is the function of converting PDF to Word.

The use method is very simple, click first, click “Select File” in the jumped page, and import the local PDF file. Finally, click “Download” to download the file to your local computer. Judging from the processed results, there is no problem, including the results of fonts, typography, and image conversion.


Like AbcdPDF, this is also a completely free PDF to Word website, but its other functions are not as rich as Convert PDF to Word . Of course, this is a digression.


Can I convert my PDF to Word for free? The above collection brings together five free websites that support PDF to Word,, AbcdPDF, PDF24 Tools, PDF24 Tools, and PDF 2 GO. If you have requirements on processing effect and processing speed, you may wish to save them in your browser, which will definitely help you deal with PDF files.

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