Medikal – Cold & Trophies Ft. Sister Deborah (Official Music Video)

Medikal Cold Trophies Ft Sister
Written by Kwame Anane
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Medikal Cold Trophies Ft Sister

Medikal – Cold & Trophies Ft. Sister Deborah (Official Music Video)

Ghanaian rapper Medikal recently released a new song titled “Cold” featuring his ex-girlfriend and fellow musician Sister Deborah, as well as “Trophies,” both of which have been making waves in the music industry.

“Cold” is a moody and introspective track that explores Medikal’s personal struggles and relationships. The song features haunting piano chords and a slow, deliberate beat, which sets the tone for the melancholic and emotional lyrics. Sister Deborah’s soft vocals add depth and texture to the song, creating a poignant and reflective atmosphere.

In contrast, “Trophies” is a more upbeat and celebratory song, which features a catchy and infectious beat. The song talks about Medikal’s success and achievements, both in his personal life and career, and features witty lyrics and a confident flow.

Both “Cold” and “Trophies” showcase Medikal’s versatility as a rapper and his ability to navigate different musical styles and themes. The inclusion of Sister Deborah in “Cold” adds a unique dynamic to the song and highlights the chemistry between the two artists, despite their past relationship.

The music videos for both songs are visually stunning and showcase the creativity and artistry of the artists involved. “Cold” features a dreamlike sequence of Medikal walking through a forest, while “Trophies” showcases the rapper celebrating his success with friends and family.

In conclusion, “Cold” and “Trophies” are two impressive and diverse tracks that demonstrate Medikal’s talent as a rapper and artist. The inclusion of Sister Deborah in “Cold” adds a unique and emotional depth to the song, while “Trophies” showcases Medikal’s confidence and charisma as a rapper. Both songs are already receiving significant airplay and have cemented Medikal’s position as one of Ghana’s most exciting and innovative rappers.

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