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Kuami Eugene – No Jesus No Life

We dug some info about Kuami Eugene and came across one of his Gospel songs titled ‘No Jesus No Life ’ and we just couldn’t stop listening to it over and over again and although the song has not been mastered, we just loved it.

If you are a Christian like myself, you would appreciate this and back then Kuami Eugene who was also a minister of God was very passionate and must have been very ‘chrife’ judging from the kind of Facebook posts he made back then.

We are not judging actually, we are only marveled at his creative brilliance. Kuami Eugene is truly talented. I remember I was also very passionate about the word of God back in SHS 1, second term and was attending every SU meeting, was praying every second but chaleeeee, now things have changed and you actually look back and you are like WOW!

Kuami Eugene – No Jesus No Life [DOWNLOAD]

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This Post Has 39,549 Visits, 18 visits today