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King Monada – Dzena Mo

King Monada Dzena Mo
Written by Kwame Anane
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King Monada Dzena Mo

Limpopo artiste King Monada drops the music video of his “Dzena Mo” song, taking fans into a world of good vibes – a world from which we can see many unwilling to leave.

Should this be surprising? Certainly not, given King Monada’s musical appeal and lyrical energy. The songster is not exactly one of the oldest on the scene, but he has managed to plod his way to musical reckoning in a short time. Now fans look out to every number from his kitty

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Back in 2018, the songster had leapt to global reckoning with his “Malwedhe” song, which spawned the #IdibalaChallenge. He may not have released anything as globally acceptable as “Malwedhe,” he yet remains a respectable voice in South African music


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