How to Improve Your Content as an Influencer

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Written by Kwame Anane
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It’s a struggle for brands to find the perfect influencer to fit their product or service. But it’s just as difficult for the influencers to keep up with the latest trends and improve their content to the level where they stay relevant and on-demand.

However, besides blindly following every trend, there are elements that can be reviewed and improved to improve your content as an influencer, and today we are going to share a few of the most effective ones.

Share Your Content on Multiple Platforms

Most influencers choose one base platform to share their content and a strategy like this is not essentially wrong. However, there is more than one reason to spread your content on multiple media channels.

First of all, sharing your content on multiple platforms is healthy for your target audience growth. For example, some people prefer socialmediatrendz like watching TikTok in their spare time and there are the ones who prefer Instagram Reels. More to it, it’s a great way to promote your content on different platforms.

And last but not least, we all know that all social media platforms are commercial projects and they can go bankrupt or be hacked at any time. Thus if you have followers on multiple platforms, when one of the platforms crashes down, you won’t be left with anything.

Get Your Concept Straight & Stick To It

When you start your career as an influencer, you must establish your brand. This includes knowing what kind of concept you are going to focus on, what kind of people are going to be a part of your target audience, and what kind of virtues are you going to support.

Instead of chasing every possible brand offer, make sure that the brands don’t stand against each other with the messages that they wish to convey to their potential users. For example, it would be a bad idea to work with cosmetic products that are against animal testing and a leather bag brand at the same time.

In a case like this, you will most likely lose both of your clients and a bunch of followers who only followed you in the first place because they believed that you shared the same beliefs.

Use the Best Music

Not everybody indeed watches videos on social media platforms with audio, however, on such platforms as TikTok, watching a video without a sound will take away a big part of the experience. More to it, adding well-matching audios to your social media content can only improve the engagement rate of your followers rather than do any harm

Even if you are a micro-influencer or just started creating content on social media and trying to get brands interested, you can gain access to the music that will match your content well without investing too much into the copyrights.

For example, you could use a royalty-free music platform like Xusic that has different licenses according to your needs. It even has pricing on request option if you are interested in one.


Personalize Your Content

Instead of creating purely commercial content with obvious advertising messages in it, try to make it more personal. You may hear this a lot but it can improve the number of requests of partnerships you receive significantly.

The reason behind this advice is that on social media, people choose to follow other people and personalities rather than brands and business profiles. This is also the main reason all the brands need much help from the influencers nowadays.

Thus if you want to become more successful as an influencer, you have to help brands create a high-quality vision of how their products are implemented in everyday life.

Pick the Right Trends to Follow

As you shouldn’t agree with every partnership offer that you receive, you also shouldn’t follow every popular trend, for the same reasons. Famous trends can bring you new followers but at the same time, they may help you lose them as well.

Also, even if the trends that you include in your content don’t go against your main virtues, irrelevant content can easily ignite an urge for people to unfollow you. As we live in a time that is packed with visual content, it is very easy to lose interest in something that is just a little irrelevant.

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