How to Get Back on Track With Money

Written by Kwame Anane
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Have you noticed this: you seem to work hard for a long time, but still there is no money. Or you just received your salary, and at the end of the day, you realize that you have spent everything, and for what — it is not clear. Another option: it’s hard for you to part with money, you buy only the most necessary things, and even then not always. Why does it happen? The style of behaviour is dictated by money attitudes.

Where do the monetary attitudes come from?

97% of attitudes come from childhood. The way of life, the atmosphere in the family, the beliefs of parents and grandparents — all this leaves an imprint on thinking.


For instance, you lived with your mom and brother in Nigeria. Mom raised you alone, there was not enough money. Since childhood, you have seen how she works hard to make money. What happens: you automatically take this fact for granted, and you think it cannot be otherwise. This is how the attitude is formed: “To earn a lot, you have to work hard.” How to overcome these attitudes?

1.  Money comes from hard work

Gradually you notice that the scenario of your parents repeats itself: you also work hard, but there is no money. Why? Because you are sending a request to the Universe: “Money does not come easily, for this, you have to work hard.” The Universe says, “No problem,” and turns your life around that way.Pic1

How to work through this mindset

Transform it into a positive one. Instead of “Money comes with hard work” — “I make money easily and in a stream; money comes to me easily and pleasantly.”

1.  Spending money on yourself is bad

Let’s imagine another situation: a mother raised two children alone. She tried to give them everything: food, clothing, education, rest. And she didn’t leave anything for herself. The daughter grew up in such an environment and saw that her mother hardly spends money on herself, but leaves everything to them with her brother. And her conviction is formed: “This is how it should be, this is normal. This is how it should be.” Guess what happens next? With age, she repeats the mother’s scenario: she ignores herself and spends money on anything, but not on meeting her own needs.

How to work through this mindset

Instead of “Spending money on myself is bad” — “I spend money on myself and I do it with pleasure”, “I spend money on myself with love and gratitude”.

2.  Money is not the main thing in life/happiness is not in money

Imagine that your parents earned little and there was always a shortage of money. In order not to drive themselves into a sense of guilt and duty, they said: “Well, money is not happiness. The main thing is that we are all safe and sound, and the rest will follow. So what, that there is no money to buy clothes, the main thing is that we have each other.”


This is extreme. The same as the belief “Money is the main thing in life” when a person spends all the time on forex trading to earn a lot on online stock trading, makes a cult out of it and puts it in the first place. Of course, you don’t need to do this. But it is impossible to exist without money — this is a fact. Forextime tells that:


  • You need money to buy food;
  • You need money to buy clothes and shoes;
  • To get tests done on time and pay for treatment, you need money;
  • To pay for education and courses, you need money;
  • You need money to travel;
  • To live a fulfilling life, you need money.


Admit it: it is impossible to survive without money in the 21st century. Money gives comfort, the satisfaction of needs and the implementation of goals.

Pic 2

How to work through this mindset

Instead of “Money is not the main thing in life/money is not happiness” — “I exchange money for goods and services that I need for a comfortable life”, “Money helps me achieve my goals, satisfy my desires and needs.”

Algorithm: how to transform any negative attitudes into positive

  1. Divide the sheet into 2 columns.
  2. Write down any negative money beliefs in the left column.
  3. Replace each negative belief with a positive one according to the algorithm you read above, and write it opposite in the right column.
  4. Read positive beliefs 2 times a day — morning and evening before bed.
  5. After 1-2 months, the brain will erase negative attitudes and rewrite them into positive ones.


This is how thinking changes: you will get rid of old scenarios, replace them with new ones, allow yourself to earn 10 times more and begin to truly live.


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