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Written by Kwame Anane
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Right Music

In a world where platforms are brimming with content, background music might add just the right number of attraction points you need to reach your audience. The only questions left are what music to choose and how to pay for it. The latter can be dodged by using royalty-free background music. However, we are here to answer the first one and guide you on picking the best music for your content. Keep in mind the following tips will make choosing suitable music easier which could be a cherry on top of your content.


1. Understand the nature of your content

To make a fitting choice of music, it is imperative to understand the character of your content. This means that the music itself should complement the subject matter that you are presenting to the audience. Often creators simply pick up a catchy tune and attach it to their video. But, unless the music speaks the message of the video, it will look odd. How would a hard rock tune feel over footage of gardening tools? Weird to say the least. But a piano with nature sounds is what you need for such a video topic.


2.Classify your content and pick the music accordingly

A creator often has to classify his content respecting the regulations of the platform. This could be helpful when you are looking for a good background score as well. Think about what best defines your video – educational, informational, entertainment, infotainment, gaming, etc. Having clarity of the category allows you to understand the needs of the content that should be satisfied with the type of music you choose. For example, fast music over an educational video will disorient the attention of the consumer. On the contrary, classical music and natural sounds can increase the focus of the listener.


3. Keep in mind the duration and different stages of the video

 While the duration might seem the least likely to impact the choice of music, it is a driving factor for an educated pick. Briefly, a short piece of content, say about a minute long, will thrive with catchy and strong background music. Fast music manages to keep the thrilling high for the extent of the video. On the other hand, a longer piece of content, upwards of 3 minutes, will need something less arousing and more binding. A slow piece of music that is the listener is what you should be looking for in this case.


4. The appropriate genre of music must be used

 Different genres work in different ways for different groups of people. You need to pick the one which goes along with the mood of the video. For instance, nothing can match the wonders that country music makes over fast-paced and cheerful content. Moreover, electronic music has an urban appeal while the acoustic is suitable for serious themes. Classical music can play out dramatic situations very well while Vocals are calming.


5.Realize your target demographic audience

 Recognizing your target audience and having more and more information about them is what you need to find the perfect runes for your content. Mainly, the age group and regional identity determine the audience’s likes or dislikes. For example, content aimed at children below 14 will do poorly when mixed with classical background scores. However, people above 30 generally have a special place for slow classical music. Similarly, something funky or electronic will attract teens.


6. Music should only be used as an accessory

Underestimating background music’s role in the final draft has adverse effects on the quality. We all understand it’s a unique place and that is why we are together on this page. But, it is no reason to overdo it either. It should be remembered that music is a supporting character and not the show’s star. Too strong a side character will overshadow the hero, that is the content itself. Music should complement and support the subject matter.

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