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International Music

Drake & 21 Savage – Spin Bout U

Drake 21 Savage Spin Bout U
Written by Kwame Anane
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Drake 21 Savage Spin Bout U

Watch Drake & 21 Savage Spin Bout U (Official Video) – including audio

“Spin Bout U” is a collaboration between Canadian rapper Drake and American rapper 21 Savage. The song was released in 2021 and features a laid-back, dreamy beat that perfectly complements the two rappers’ distinctive flows and lyrics.

The track begins with a mellow instrumental that features a soft guitar riff and atmospheric synths, setting a relaxed and introspective mood. Drake’s verse starts with him reflecting on his personal life, before transitioning into more introspective lyrics that touch on his feelings of loneliness and regret. 21 Savage’s verse, on the other hand, is more braggadocious and focuses on his wealth and success.

Despite their different lyrical approaches, Drake and 21 Savage’s verses work well together, and their contrasting styles create an interesting dynamic on the track. Drake’s introspective verses are complemented by 21 Savage’s more assertive flow, creating a balance between introspection and bravado.

The song’s chorus is sung by an uncredited female vocalist, who provides a soulful and melodic hook that adds to the song’s dreamy atmosphere. The chorus is simple but effective, with the lyrics “I’m spinning round and round about you” conveying the song’s overall theme of love and obsession.

Overall, “Spin Bout U” is a solid collaboration between two of the biggest names in hip-hop. The track’s dreamy beat and introspective lyrics create a moody and introspective atmosphere that is perfect for late-night listening, while Drake and 21 Savage’s contrasting styles make for an interesting dynamic on the track. Fans of both rappers are sure to appreciate this collaboration, which showcases their respective strengths and styles.

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