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Cabum – Ye Na Wale (Prod. By Cabum)

Cabum Ye Na Wale
Written by Kwame Anane
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Cabum Ye Na Wale

Cabum is about to get the streets singing along with his new single he titled ‘Ye Na Wale’ which he self-produced. Listening to this song, we felt it contained something powerful in terms of instrumentation and style; and as well, talks about something we believe will take over the streets, night clubs, and expected at weddings and engagements. (Even though that might be an awkward moment.)

The song ‘Ye Na Wale’ which means “Get Married Already” literally, talks to guys who’re scared to get into committed relationships even though they have all it takes to make a beautiful family. The song has a melodious hook which reminds us of none other than the legendary Okomfo Kwadee.

Listening to Cabum’s lyrics, we feel there is a bit of Kwaade mixed with style which takes the song to its apex! One thing we know is, boys will love this song including the ones who aren’t married yet. And the girls will sure make this an anthem! Ladies and Gentlemen, Cabum just served us with another banger! Download free music below.

Cabum – Ye Na Wale (Prod. By Cabum) [DOWNLOAD]

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