“BRONYA ADE3” Hitmaker was cut off from stage by the organiser while performing

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Kumasi Music has being flopping for almost 10 years now and artistes and not getting to the top as fans are expecting, it looks like Kumasi music has be the property of a specific people or family. In recent event at Kumasi City Mall “Mefri Oseikrom” which was organized by X2 Entertainment, i  finally released the main problem behind this.

At this event a lot of Kumasi artistes were at the premises and were allowed to performed, and one of these Artiste was Bronya Ade3 Hit Maker Abusuapanin Chiki, While performing the fans were really enjoying but after performing for about 2 to 3 minutes, the MC told the DJ to cut him off because Flowking Stone was coming. Bronya Ade3 Hit Maker Abusuapanin Chiki after hearing this Halted his performance for some few seconds the salute the fans and let the stage and there were murmuring in the crowed.

Question, is it because Flowking Stone song “Bronya Ade” is with almost the same title as Abusuapanin Chiki Song “Bronya Ade3” or the the MC fault? If this was the case then Kumasi music will always be at the bottom, Musicians in Kumasi Should help each otherrather than cutting the toes of each other. watch the video below…

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