Blogger Tilly “Rapper Obibini is good but lazy perhaps reason he’s still ‘underground’”

Written by Kwame Anane
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Two of Ghanaians top rappers have decided to take swipes at each other. Amerado jabbed Obibini in his freestyle verse on Tim Westwood’s show.
Obibini replied that the Kumerican rapper “has not reached”. This angered Amerado, who dared Obibini to reply in the studio if he is a better rapper.

Fast forward on August 10, 2021, rapper Obibini replied with a diss song titled “deceased” and this morning, “Carcass” all geared toward dimming the arrogance of Amerado.

And following social media conversation, everyone is rallying behind the Zylofon Music artiste considering his lyrical dexterity, punchlines and flows.

However, one of the frequently asked questions is why Obibini is not well celebrated as Ghana’s most dop rapper?

It’s at the back of this that female blogger Tilly of fame has cited laziness as one of the reasons why rapper Obibini is not well celebrated in Ghana’s rap game.

To her best Knowledge and experience in the game, Obibini sits there unconcerned while waiting on someone to diss him before he comes out hard.

She, therefore, admonished the rapper to up his game and put in more work as he has a lot to offer Ghana’s rape game.

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