5 Best Websites with Practice Tests to Visit When Preparing for Microsoft 70-462 Exam

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The database professionals must have standout skills that enable them to work with both Cloud‑based and on-premises databases. This means they have to take time to study and ensure they’re equipped for their role. They also need to pass the required exams and obtainthe certificates that validate the skills they have. One of the tests to pass is Microsoft 70-462. This article delves deeper into the study materialsthat we recommend that you use if you want to pass this exam with flying colours. However, let’s first cover a few details of this Microsoft certification test.

Important details to know about Microsoft 70-462 exam

This is the Querying Data with Transact-SQL exam, which is targeted at the aspiring database developers, systems engineers, and administrators. After passing it, you need to take one more test to earn the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification. The other one to pass is Microsoft 98-366. This article focuses on Microsoft 70-462, which is the first exam to take towards MCSA.

This Microsoft exam seeks to validate the candidates’ knowledgeneeded to write queries. Passing this test will imply that you have understood what’s required of you. To take Microsoft 70-462, it is important to learn the topics expected to come in this exam. The following subjects should be mastered:

  • Transact-SQL and data management;
  • Querying data usingadvanced components of Transact-SQL;
  • Use of Transact-SQL for programming databases.

These objectives are meant to guide you through your preparationand 40-60 questions that you have to answer. The test lasts for 2 hours and is expected to be presented in variousquestion formats. The examinees may come across the types of short answers, review screen, build list, multiple choice, active screen, case study, and best answers. All the questions form 1000 points in total. To qualify for the next step, you need to obtain at least 700 marks. Please note that Microsoft 70-462 costs $165.

Having covered some important details related to this certification exam, let’s now move onto the sources and resourcesthat you can utilize to prepare for it.

Top 5 relevantsources to use for Microsoft 70-462 exam

Passing any certification exam is more than just hard work and commitment. You need to know about proper sources that will enable you to get valid study materials. Here isalist of websites to visit:

  1. Microsoft Learning Platform

ThisMicrosoftwebsite serves as the right place to begin your search for the exam details and other features. This is where you’ll get the right information concerning the topics, official study materials, rules and regulations governing the Microsoft tests, and what you need to register for the one you want to take. Make this site a point of reference whenever you need some clarification on something related to the certificationexam you’re preparing for. The resources listed on this platform that you can use to prepare for Microsoft 70-462 include:

  • Querying Data with T-SQL online course;
  • Exam 70-462 instructor-guided training course;
  • Exam Ref 70-462 study guide by Microsoft Press.


  1. PrepAway

Thosestudents who are preparing to take any professional exam should know the importance of using previous questions to practice for the upcoming one. The 70-462 braindumps are helpful in guiding you to understand what the actual test is likely to include and how you can effectively answer the questions. The PrepAway website has thepremium bundle, which helps the applicants to master the requirements forthe MCSA credential. This package offers you three prep resources. You’re going to find practice questions, a study guide, and video courses in the same file.Other great tools that are available on PrepAway are a free version of questions in the .ETE format that you can use via the exam simulator. You will get a smallerquantity but in good quality. Practicing for your certification test has never been made easier. With the premium bundle, free questions, and exam simulator, it is possible to ace your Microsoft 70-462 with ease.

  1. Amazon

This is another reliable preparation source. This site offers you the chance to obtain the revision tools such as study guides. Some of the books or study guides obtainable through Amazon include:

  • Exam Ref 70-462;
  • Exam Refs 2-pack: Exam Refs 70-462 and 70-762;
  • T-SQL Fundamentals.


  1. YouTube

Video tutorials are also important in helping the candidates study the topics and pass the test. YouTube has great videos developed by those professionals who have years of experience in the sphere. Some of them give you a summary of the requirements and details of what to expect in the exam questions.

  1. Microsoft Online Community Blog

Another source that can act as a game-changer during preparation is the Microsoft online community blog. You can learn a lot about the exam you’re preparing forthanks to the articles posted there. Read through all the material relevant to Microsoft 70-462.

These platforms are the best to give you the support you need to revise and pass your certification exam. However, you need to ensure that you have set aside enough time to cover all the topics. Begin your studies early enough to allow you cover each objective and get extra time at the end to review what you’ve already revised. Also, make sure you have a plan or a schedule to follow. Don’t start your preparation for Microsoft 70-462 until you have the study plan to guide you from start to finish.


There’s no success that comes easily. Every good thing requires proper preparation with the right tools. And this also applies to Microsoft 70-462. Covering the exam topics with the appropriate study materials is necessary if you’re to get good marks. It is not easy to earn the MCSA certificate, but it is worth taking all the trouble. Obtaining this associate-level certification is a sure way to getting access to great job opportunities and other benefits as well. A great career in IT begins with this first step. Pass your 70-462 test today and be assured of moving to your next career level.

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