5 Benefits Of A Web-Based Fleet Maintenance Software

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Written by Kwame Anane
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To have complete control over your company fleet – you need a good system. However, you also need a company that will stand behind it and can guarantee a top product. With the help of a reliable company and good online software – you can be sure that you will increase productivity and profitability. Here are 5 benefits of web-based fleet maintenance software – that will revolutionize your business.

What Are Fleet Maintenance And Management Systems?

The Fleet Management & Maintenance system is a set of software and hardware solutions – that enable complete fleet management. It consists of various elements – that have the task of providing the most accurate possible information about the vehicles in your fleet. The modem unit collects data from all additional devices and sends it to the IT center – where the data is processed and delivered to users of the application. The software part consists of desktop or web applications and mobile applications. They enable complete monitoring of all vehicle operating parameters, analysis, reporting, and processing – and thus a complete understanding of all aspects of fleet operation.

Benefits Of Fleet Maintenance Software

The decision to establish control of the vehicle fleet is not only related to the mere movement of vehicles – but numerous data are of key importance for the company’s business. The fleet management system successfully solves all these challenges. Here are some benefits of using web-based fleet maintenance software.

1.   Overview of vehicle movement and condition

Twenty-four-hour monitoring and review of the movement and condition of the vehicle in real-time are, of course, implied. Information on the position and location of the vehicle, the number of kilometers traveled, speed, speeding – as well as the condition of all connected sensors and devices are available at all times.

2.   Data on vehicle movement and use

In addition to vehicle condition control, a history of data on vehicle movement and use is available. Some programs offer you statistical and graphical analysis of all relevant parameters at the fleet and individual vehicle level. Also, some software offers a division of the vehicle fleet into groups concerning the organization of work – while maintaining an internal database of vehicle drivers. The possibility of creating a single database of all performed interventions on vehicles is also very useful – as well as monitoring service costs.

3.   Data access is available to users on different devices

The key to controlling the fleet with web-based software – is access to data. Web-based fleet maintenance software is mostly centralized. It means that the data is available to its users at any time – and on various devices, from phones to desktops. The data reading system also provides the user with some additional information about the vehicles. This way, you will have data on fuel consumption, each refueling and discharging, engine speed, etc. You can even find software that has the ability to mount various sensors that measure the temperature in the chamber – or register the opening and closing of the door on the trailer, etc.

4.   Routing

When it comes to routing, there are also special systems for creating routes – and comparing the realized route with the planned one. This way, the user can fully control fulfilling daily work obligations – or possible deviations from the route. Also, by using a special module for regular transport and distribution – the user has the opportunity to completely plan each driving tour- and control whether the planned tour has been fulfilled.

5.   Two-way communication

Most of these systems also work when it comes to international transport. The international transport system includes additional possibilities such as two-way communication between the driver and the dispatch center – at any time via a communication device. There is also the possibility of additional navigation devices in the cab of the truck, remote reading of data from the tachograph, real-time monitoring of vehicles, monitoring of border crossings and all border crossings – as well as monitoring of mandatory driver breaks, etc.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle control is crucial for any company that has a fleet. For that reason, web-based fleet maintenance software is a great solution – and a wise investment that pays off from the start.


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